Why Businesses are focusing on getting Custom WordPress


Is making a custom WordPress theme something you’d like to do? If this were the case, your company website would be a lot better off if it had a custom theme. Having a website is no longer enough. It needs to be constantly updated in terms of design and usability, not just once in a while.

According to the top Custom WordPress CMS Development Service, Thirty-eight percent of people will leave a website if it does not look good or has lousy content. So, companies that don’t follow these rules could lose a lot of money.

Let’s check out why you need to use a custom theme on your website:

● It’s easy to update and more flexible.

A typical WordPress design might make it hard for you to add new features because of the rules it has set up.

In this case, say you want to put a photo slideshow on your homepage. If you don’t have this feature in your WordPress design, it will be impossible to add it. On the other hand, Custom WordPress themes let you change any part of your site to your desired content.

● Use a Custom WordPress Theme to beat the other people

Make your content and design stand out to beat the people competing with you.

Your website design may be one of the few things that make your business unique when getting new clients for the first time. 94% of people don’t trust some websites because they look bad.

The first impression you make on a potential customer is significant, and a custom theme is a great way to do that. This will make sure that no other site will look the same as yours, too.

● It comes with more help.

Do not be afraid of making a theme from scratch. You won’t be alone in this. So don’t let your lack of design skills scare you away from getting the best WordPress theme for your business. Also, you can take help from WordPress Developer Brisbane.

● Bug-free service

If you choose a custom WordPress theme, it means that you’re getting a product made by experts who know what they’re doing. Custom themes have well-written code, so your site will run better if you choose one of them.

● Improved Speeds of Loading

If you add things to a template theme that you don’t need, your website could quickly become very crowded. This overcrowding causes more than just a confusing website or one that doesn’t look good.

Two things are more important than the other when it comes to how quickly a page will load. Customers don’t like when a website takes a long time to load.

In this case, they’re more likely to leave a website if it doesn’t work when they click on it. A site that takes five seconds or less to load is more likely to keep people on it for up to 70 percent of their time than a site that takes longer.

Having a lot of pages that take a long time to load hurts a website’s SEO. When you use the term SEO, which stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” you’re talking about where your website is in the results of a search engine for a specific question.

The higher a website’s rank in a search engine, the more likely it is to show up in the list of results.

As you improve your SEO, you should pay attention to things like Custom WordPress Development, how well your site looks and how well your content reads, and things like how quickly your site loads and how well it seems.

To sum it up

In 2019, a well-known digital agency found that 64% of small businesses have a site. This is because a website can do a lot for your business, like improving your reputation, getting more visitors, and making more money.


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